Hillanhi Fianna

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Bella taking the David Layton Memorial Stakes Open class and overall Stakes winner at the GSPA Champ Show on 01/04/2013, with Judge Jacquie Armitage and Agria Rep Ben Ashcroft.


City of Birmingham 2nd PGB Judge Mick Howes

Critique: Pleasing to the eye, sound bitch, good head, kind expression, dark eye, good reach of neck & lay of      shoulder, good shape, depth of rib & coupling, oval bone, I liked her overall balance. Moved very well. 


Bournemouth, 1st PGB Judge Alan Small

 Critique:very sound, well presented, lovely head, true front, lovely top line, well angled, moved out really well.

  In the final line up! 



 National Gundog, 1st PGB Judge Geoff Hargreaves 

Critique: Neat, typical bitch presenting a pleasing picture,appealing head & expression, good reach of neck on a sound body with correct topline & tailset with good shoulders & correctly turned stifles, correct feet & coat & sound on the move.

Three Counties, 1st PGB and RCC!!!!! judge Mick Ryan

Another fab day even though the weather was rubbish and we were inside she showed her little socks off again

Critique: Lovely compact shape, good head and shoulders, moved well.RCC

Coventry, 1st in Open and RBOB under Jinty Jill Davis


1 Taylor's Hillanhi Isabelle, well made outline, make and shape all through, clean head, well developed nose, fine ears, neat shoulders, well boned limbs and feet, strong loin, neat tuck & turn of hindquarters, moved well with an easy stride.

National Dog Show- takes Reserve in a large Post Grad class and graded excellent by the German Judge Herr Gerd Schad!





Welks - under Maureen Nixon - VHC

What a start to the year!

Manchester CH Show - Judge Ben Ashcroft - wins PGB and takes the RCC! What a star! My face must have been a picture - I was in shock! I am carrying it around with me!



1 Taylor's Hillanhi Isabelle lovely liver/w, pleasing outline with a feminine head, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders & deep chest, good front with nicely sloping pasterns, firm back balanced by a well angulated rear which propelled her effortlessly in the challenge, holding her topline on the move.

 Being awarded the RCC!




Receiving her first prize in PGB.











Boston CH Show - 4th in PGB - very pleased!

Bella following her RBOB win @ Coventry Ladies

Show news


GSPA Champ show at Elsecar - 2nd in Junior in a big class of 9!

Write up:


GSPA Open show Feb '11- 3rd in Junior and 2nd in Junior stakes

Manchester CH Show - 3rd in Junior 

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society on New Years Day - 1st in Post Graduate and went on to take RBOB behind Carol Greenwood and Indijazz Ice Maiden. George took 3rd in PG. 

Poppy and Bella on 3rd of Jan. 

Coventry(Foleshill) - 2nd in her last puppy class

Midland Counties - 4th 


SWKA - 1st puppy bitch and best puppy bitch

Irene Glenns' write up:

Another quality puppy who excelled over her nack and shoulders.Feminine head and lovely expression. Well developed quarters with a super topline and correct tailset. Moved well. BPB

 GSPA open show - 3rd and 3rd in the stakes

 Driffield - 3rd

City of Birmingham - 3rd

Bella's first write up!


BP courtesy of David Sheilds(Wilholme) who wrote:

Lovely type who shows much promise.Balanced head, best of fronts,good legs and feet, excellant depth of body

for her age, well developed quarters, very sound on the move.

PG1 courtesy of Kevin Grewcock(Ryanstock) who wrote:

Cracking puppy just over 6 months. Shouted GSP with her lovely typical outline, short back standing well over

her ground.Correct size and balance in one so young.Loved her head and expression, front and feet to die for.

Excellant proportions, sound construction with clean flowing lines. Handler needs to relax with her and and get

her into her natural stride. My star of the day, this one has a bright future.


Bella's gundog training - and I say that in the loosest terms!


We have been attending the HPRBA weekly training sessions near Fillongley. It has taken me all

 this time to get her remotely listening to me as she is obsessed with Lee, the trainer and his

 bag of goodies, which apparently should all belong to her!

We had a bit of a breakthrough last night where she had her first swim, this was proceeded by

 her throwing herself off the bank and 'bombing' into the water! After she surfaced the look

 on her face was priceless! She didn't let it put her off and after coming back to me returned

 into the water to fetch the dummy. I say fetch the dummy - she didn't want to open her

mouth so just pushed it further out of reach! It took a more experienced dog from another

 class to retrieve the dummy! It must be a Hillanhi thing because I remember Poppy's first

 venture into water - instead of bringing the dummy back she brought back a well and truly

 dead fish - yuk - well smelly! That was her 'you either eat it or roll in it' phase of

 'encountering dead things'.

She went on to do some nice stay work and then spoilt herself by running off at the heel work

 without a lead, never mind i think it is going to be a long process!

Bella at 11 weeks

Hillanhi Isabelle - Bella